Friday, March 11, 2005

What's she doing in Nicaragua?


AP says: Spc. Tammy Steen, a soldier with the U.S. Army's Southern Command participates in inauguration ceremonies for 'New Horizons 2005' in Villanueva, Nicaragua, about 125 miles north of the capitol, Managua.. The Americans are helping to build a school and a medical clinic as a part of the program, New Horizons 2005. (AP Photo/Esteban Felix)

A nun friend working in Nicaragua reports: "We've run into the US Army in our mountains, supposedly building clinics and schools, but we wonder why they are fully armed. Some were friendly (the younger ones from Utah), but the older one I spoke with kept tight lips and said he couldn't answer my questions. He did say he liked Honduras better, where he had been for a number of years, which immediately put up warning flags for me."

Right wing hatchet man, columnist Robert Novak says:

The Sandinistas, the Marxist-Leninist revolutionary party repeatedly rejected by Nicaraguan voters, are on the verge of accomplishing what U.S. officials call a "golpe technico" (technical coup), stripping President Enrique Bolanos of power.
It is no isolated event restricted to a small Central American country. The Sandinistas have a rich and powerful ally in Hugo Chavez, the Marxist president of Venezuela.…
The Venezuelan is spreading his influence through Latin America more effectively than his friend and ally, Cuban President Fidel Castro, ever did.…
The return of the Sandinistas 15 years after the voters of Nicaragua dismissed them comes at a time when the anti-American, anti-capitalist Chavez is arming Venezuela.…
Leftist presidents in Brazil and Chile turn a blind eye to the Bolivarian Revolution. The situation goes virtually unnoticed on Capitol Hill. …
President Bush hardly ever mentions Latin America, but Rice brings a voice to the Cabinet that appreciates the infection spreading throughout America's backyard.

Let's hope the Administration has so much on its plate in the Middle East that they don't get around to doing more damage south of the border.

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