Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Residue of a fundraising scheme past

In 1987, the Golden Gate Bridge across the entrance to San Francisco Bay was 50 years old. The region threw a big party and sponsored a "Bridgewalk" that drew some 300,000 people whose weight "flattened the normal arch of the bridge at midspan" and scared them pretty thoroughly. (I was glad I didn't go.)

As part of the anniversary, a brick walkway on the city side began life as a fundraiser.

Initially, prices for the bricks were $32 for a basic brick with a name inscribed, $43 for a message brick, $54 for a signature brick, and $75 for logo/captioned brick. In August 1988, several prices were raised: $35 for a basic brick, $49 for a message brick, and $59 for a signature brick. The brick program was implemented in March 1988 and 7,416 bricks were sold.

And the bricks have endured. Here are some:

Since people get married in the shadow of the bridge, that one seems appropriate.

The folks who built the bridge must have been so proud!

Oh gosh, here's a brick for an acquaintance who is now gone.

A few bricks I can't read, though they may be very meaningful.

And some I can read, but have no idea what they mean.

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