Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Developer wins at City Hall

Looks like expensive condos and not affordable housing will be the fate of the corner of Mission and Cesar Chavez streets in San Francisco, despite housing activists' protests reported here and here. Beyond Chron has the story of the Supervisor's 6-5 vote yesterday to support the developers. Richmond District Supervisor Jake McGoldrick, usually a reliable pro-affordability voter, sided with Seven Hills Properties.

UPDATE: This morning the Chronicle reports that McGoldrick received contributions from the developer. Not good. He's always been a decent guy -- if this is not downtown trashing him, it is ugly. In any case the appearances are going to hurt him if he really faces a recall. Activists hold grudges.

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sfmike said...

You might want to put in a tiny update about McGoldrick's fundraiser the night before his vote where he was being given checks by the site's developer. Jeesh. I now hope he gets recalled.

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