Saturday, August 20, 2011

Obama in Democrat-land: signs of strain

Once again I've managed to get away just before the President (and his vacation entourage) descend on Martha's Vineyard. That's okay; I wander in the woods rather than frequent the tourist towns, so I'd probably not have much noticed the stir.

No wonder the President vacations on the island, just as Bill Clinton did before him. Martha's Vineyard is Democratic territory. In the 2009 special election to fill the seat made vacant by Ted Kennedy's death, the hapless Democrat got two thirds of the island's tiny vote total, while losing on the mainland badly to Republican Scott Brown. Dems on the Vineyard are a mix of rich urbanites who've chosen to find in the place a slice of country living and a solid indigenous working class of farmers, fishermen and tradespeople who keep the wheels turning.

In 2009, the Island greeted the Prez this way:

But these days, the outnumbered dissenters are feeling emboldened to express themselves. They are not happy.
2bend over for change.jpg

In Oak Bluffs, "Martha's Vineyard loves Obama" t-shirts are still selling. The t-shirt shops wouldn't carry an item that just took up space.
3martha hearts obama.jpg

The 2012 style bumpers stickers are beginning to show up. The Obama campaign has changed its typography. Get used to it.
4obama 2012.jpg

But, frankly, this prominently displayed t-shirt struck me as an amazing sight on this island. When "none of the above" turns up on Martha's Vineyard, there's disaffection in Democrat-land.
5none of the above.jpg

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Darlene said...

Obama is no longer the darling of the Progressives. He has disappointed too many times.

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