Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday cat blogging: your weekly dose of Morty

morty in window.jpeg
Okay, eventually I'll stop with these, but the new resident is so photogenic that I want to share him. It's a wonderful thing that such an independent animal deigns to live with us. Don't be confused by the collar -- he sets his own terms.


tina said...

amazingly beautiful and with lots of self-confidence. he will do whatever he wants! :)

Ronni said...

Thanks, I've been waiting for more Monty pics! There is nothing to feel embarassed about, he is handsome, making you both happy! Its pussy cat luv.

sfmike said...

I hate cat blogging on general principle, but that is one gorgeous photo. Please, continue.

I've got a recent photo of my cat Tiger Woods looking like a centerfold for a Kitty Porn magazine, and I've really been wondering whether to publish it. Yeah, definitely.

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