Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday cat blogging: Morty endorses

morty endorses.jpg
Morty has finally decided to leave the thinning ranks of undecided voters.

He's had a hard time making up his mind. Both candidates seem to be dog people. Morty doesn't like dogs. He does not easily warm to people who like dogs. Dogs are to be intimidated, or failing that, escaped from and taunted.

However on balance, this one seems to like the animal he lives with. The other one treats its animal like a piece of furniture. Of course furniture doesn't poop, but apparently that fellow didn't anticipate this fact of nature. That's not very smart of him.

Morty would prefer that his humans stop paying attention to either of these guys and get back to their proper role: paying attention to him.


kathy a. said...

Morty has excellent taste and values. My cats endorse this message. sibyay 6

kathy a. said...

whoops, that last part was word verification, misplaced...

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