Saturday, February 09, 2013

The morning after the storm

View out the window. Got a 20 inch drift to shovel, but power is back on after a 12 hour outage.

frozen windows.jpg
We had sleet for several hours before the snow really hit, so this is what all the windows that have screens look like. I had to find one (a glass door actually) without a screen to take the picture above. At first light, it remained sort of gray indoors.


Rebecca Gordon said...

Glad to see the Norwegian flag survived!

Scoop said...

So glad you emerged relatively unscathed, May your power remain steady!

kathy a. said...

glad you are OK! and the power's back on!

gah, i guess that under that snow is ice? as a native californian who has never lived anyplace that got snow -- and even places i visited with snow did not get much while i was there -- wow!

hope you have sturdy boots; don't go falling if you are trying to clear things. (but i'd be dying to try knocking some of that stuff off the windows. how weird to not be able to see out.) xoxo

Rain Trueax said...

Nice photos and glad you have power. That's the worst with a storm like that-- other than travel limitations, of course.

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