Monday, February 17, 2014

She says it is like flying

I haven't been able to get into the Sochi Olympics -- guess I can't get over that disheartened post I wrote last week about Russian homophobia and chauvinistic nationalism.

But I can share this video of my friend who may well find her way to the next Winter Olympics -- hard work and good luck willing. Enjoy (best viewed in full screen). Tara is also an up and coming bialthlete. Lots more about this emerging athlete here.


amspirnational said...

if you were a real socialist who cared about the working class, you'd get over it, realizing the imperialist neocons hate Russia and fear a German-Russian axis which would smash the American-Israeli Evil Empire, the engine of globalization's attack on workers everywhere.

janinsanfran said...

I think "amspirnational' meant to comment on this post. The comment above certainly has nothing to do with this flying athlete.

I'll just say that if being a "real socialist" means having to endorse anyone's nationalism -- including the crazed fans who chant "USA, USA, USA" -- then I'm not a "real socialist." The aggressive, exclusionary nationalism cultivated by right wingers in both Russia and in the US endangers the all peoples of the world.

Anne P D said...

Tara is certainly a shining star! And one of the loveliest young adults I know. Looking forward to watching her grow in the coming years.

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