Saturday, March 29, 2014

My favorite new Senate candidate for the 2014 cycle

If, like me, you occasionally donate even small sums to political candidates you find worthy, your email is probably jammed today with fundraising appeals. We're two days out from the next legal reporting deadline for many local and all federal candidates -- they each want to scare the competition with a big haul. And, if you support them, it's not crazy to help. I do my tiny bit.

Meet Shenna Bellows speaking at a house party this month. She is running for the Senate in Maine against Susan Collins. That's a tough job: the four term incumbent is a fixture in Maine. Collins is called "a moderate." But come on, Collins is a Republican -- what she does in Washington is to enable her party to block anything that might be a progressive agenda. That's her job: making sure her party can prevent any raise in the minimum wage, any effort to get the rich to pay their fair share, any serious attempt to rein in the spook apparatus.

Bellows is good on the economic needs of ordinary people who need government to curb increasing inequality. She is terrific on restoring civil liberties and the rule of law; that's her expertise. We need one of those in the Senate.

If you are at all moved to try to get a better Senator elected and you don't have local candidates to assist this year, take a look at Shenna Bellows. This will be a tough race. Senators can usually die in office if they choose (some seem to have kicked off without anyone much noticing.) It would be great to help install a fresh face among those tired old timers.

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Rain Trueax said...

I think we'll have to spread out our donating given how much i hear the Kochs have put out and will be putting out. Always good to hear a new name. I have planned to give to Franken, Udall, and a few others outside of my own state. I hope this lady has a chance in Maine as I sure don't want to see the Senate go. :( It would make for a rough last two years not only for Obama but us.

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