Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Warming Wednesdays: Science Guy against scientific ignorance

Bill Nye explains:

We got to have scientifically literate people to solve the world's problems ...

So he created the Science Guy for our delight and his.

I'm pretty much a scientific illiterate, but I know our civilization and our wellbeing depends on taking what science can tell us seriously. So every Wednesday, I post about global warming and our apparent political and moral incapacity to mitigate and/or prepare for what we are doing to the environment in which we are the alpha species. This doesn't come naturally to me. There are hundreds of other topics I'd prefer to explore. But nobody gets to sit this one out. We're either making solutions or we're deepening the problem.


Dan Pangburn said...

A natural long-term trend is defined by a proxy factor times the time-integral of the difference between each annual average daily sunspot number and the average sunspot number for a long period (1610-1940). The net surface temperature change of all natural ocean cycles oscillates above and below this trend. The combination calculates average global temperature anomalies (AGT) since before 1900 with a correlation of 95% and credible AGT since the depths of the Little Ice Age. Search keywords AGW unveiled.

janinsanfran said...

Wow -- I must be hitting the big time. I never attracted a climate change obfuscationist before. Mr. Pangburn above appears to be a mechanical engineer -- and one of the other 1 percent, those scientists (not climatologists) who doubt global warming.

Dan Pangburn said...

Being a 'climatologist' appears to be a disadvantage when predicting average global temperature (AGT). AGT is approximately 0.3 K less than they predicted. That's 40% of the total rise in the 20th century.

The CO2 level continues to go up while AGT doesn’t. Apparently, the separation between the rising CO2 level and not-rising AGT will need to get even wider for the AGW mistake to become evident to some of the deniers of natural climate change.

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