Sunday, May 11, 2014

Talking torture ...

Come summer, this household is planning a cross country road trip to see what we can see and to serve as a book tour to introduce any audience we can corral to my partner Rebecca Gordon's Mainstreaming Torture. Local events are now underweigh. Anyone reading this who has an idea about a potential venue, give me a holler. You can see the events currently confirmed here.

Curious? Here's a 30 minute interview that David Swanson conducted about the book's themes for Talk Nation Radio.

Not fun, but essential.


Rain Trueax said...

I got into a debate with a man I consider a fairly moderate Republican as he tried to say water boarding was not torture. I couldn't move him off his position either. Even the fact that torture doesn't work didn't matter. I am not sure what's wrong with Americans on this one. Maybe they see themselves as being tough? It amazes me

Hattie said...

Way to go! You will see many Wal-Marts and be forced to believe in them!
(Only teasing)

janinsanfran said...

Hattie: your comment reminds me of a story. One day in 1996 I let a reporter trail me through a day on a campaign. We drove around most all the way around San Francisco Bay. On the way home, passing through one of those exurbs that seem to be little but big box stores and parking lots, we decided we were due for a late lunch. We did the most practical thing: pulled into a Walmart and ate at the McDonalds within. First time I was ever in a Walmart. :-) She paid.

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