Friday, November 07, 2014

San Francisco: we revert to the mean

Going forward, it seems I will be represented in the California legislature by the best Assemblyman that real estate developer and tech money could buy.

This will be a bit of a shock. San Francisco has long been fortunate to produce quite a few politicians motivated by some necessity in addition to their personal advancement -- especially gays and people of color. They were individuals who couldn't emerge from anywhere else. Our retiring Assemblyman, Tom Ammiano, has been the finest exemplar of the type. Oh, we've sent off our share of colorful crooks (looking at you, Willie Brown) and the US Senate's sanctimonious grande dame (our former mayor Diane Feinstein). But these characters were at least interesting, even when doing evil.

In this election we've apparently elected the little man of no accomplishment but great ambition who sucked up to the money. How ordinary.

Chart by way of Mission Local which, despite being some kind of offshoot of the SF Chronicle, occasionally produces interesting neighborhood journalism.

Correction: Mission Local was formerly a project of the UC Berkeley Journalism School; now is on its own and asks our support.

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