Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mr. Dickhead steps forward

Paul Waldman reports that Ted Cruz has announced his candidacy for the big prize of 2016 at that bastion of segregation and misogyny, Jerry Falwell's Liberty University.

... he goes on: "Your fight is my fight," he says, and near the end, "I'm ready to stand with you to lead the fight." So now you know what Ted Cruz's campaign will be about. It's about fighting, and leading fights, and standing together while you and he lead fights, or at least he leads the fight while you gaze up admiringly at his fight-leading.

I know I've written that the Republican presidential nomination contest is not worth any waste of braincells, but sometimes it will be just too funny to ignore, as well as scary.


Rain Trueax said...

I am always hoping they will put up someone who I might not feel was a disaster for the nation-- even when I will naturally disagree with their policies. But they don't. And this time it's a bunch of weirdness as well as destructive ideologies that really scare me if one of them, any of them, wins.

Hattie said...

Where did you get that statuette? Too funny.

janinsanfran said...

The statuette is Roman. Saw it in an exhibit of sexual artifacts in Tarragona and knew a photo would be useful, repeatedly. :-)

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