Sunday, May 10, 2015

For the 70th anniversary of V-E day

Erudite Partner was in the Phoenix Airport today when a flight full of World War II veterans arrived from a visit to Washington for the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory in Europe.

She took pictures.

Last year during the bookapalooza we got a look at the new World War II monument on the national mall. Click to enlarge and read President Harry Truman's tribute.
Like the war itself, the monument is gargantuan. I don't think we can really imagine what complete, desperate, necessary mobilization of the entire population would be like these days.

Even here in left-most San Francisco, there are reminders of what those willing and not-so-willing combatants accomplished.

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Hattie said...

Well, I remember a few things. My father was drafted toward the end of the war and sat it out, mostly, in Palau. My mother said it was a better time than the Depression, because people had work.
She was a very politically aware person, of course. Everyone knew this was a war that had to be fought.

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