Saturday, May 21, 2016

Saturday scenes and scenery: sunrise running on the Vineyard

This scene has awaited me at 5:15 am most mornings for the last two weeks when I fit in a run before my ailing friend is awake.

The sun's light is so fresh at dawn.

Most of the trees have not yet leafed out, but a few are in full flower.

The true wild life -- white tail deer, skunks, scared cottontail rabbits -- don't hang around to be photographed by the lumbering human. But the sheep are curious.

The island's wild turkeys seem to have no qualms about holding their ground in the middle of roads.


Hattie said...

It looks like heaven there.

janinsanfran said...

Pretty close, Hattie. The land itself and the weathered toughness of the year round inhabitants deserve the label. The boutique agricultural enterprises and faux New England tourist attractions, not so much so. But you know about all that out on your island.

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