Saturday, June 04, 2016

For the families of San Franciscans killed by the SFPD ...

the pain does not end.
Here Refugio Nieto tells the story of his son Alex Nieto, murdered by the SFPD on March 21, 2014. Lorena Melgarejo provided translation.

Fifty-nine bullets were fired into my son, into his body and his head. We had to have his casket closed ...

Two cousins and a brother of Luis Gongoro Pat are in San Francisco from Yucatan, trying to understand why the police shot their homeless relative on April 7th of this year. Lorena again translated:

They say Mexico is a corrupt country -- but here we get no answers. Here it is just sad. How do we get answers? We feel powerless in this country ...

At this listening meeting on Thursday at St. John the Evangelist organized by Faith in Action, Supervisor David Campos described his plan to try to dilute the mayor's monopoly of power over the police department by creating an office of a Public Advocate like the one in New York City. Supervisor John Avalos is proposing that the supervisors place a kind of hold on part of the SFPD budget next year, pending measurable reforms.

Meanwhile, it's still the case that, since 2000, the SFPD has killed 40 civilians; no officers have been charged.

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