Friday, August 04, 2017

Friday cat blogging

We try not to think about it, but this summer Morty turned 13. That's mature verging on downright old in cat years, particularly for a purebred gentleman. Morty likes to lie about more than formerly, often, as above, taking comfort from his catnip carrot.

According to his vet, many of his teeth have decayed and he has some indications of the ailments of old cats: hyperthyroidism and kidney weakness. He suffered the indignity of having part of his belly shaved for an ultrasound examination; fortunately, the vet found no cancer.

The vet tells us we must carefully monitor his weight -- whether he is losing or gaining. This led to a fascinating tip from the doc: don't buy a "pet scale," buy a "baby scale." The latter is cheaper. She was right.
$99 versus $39 -- both on Amazon
Of course the pet scale gives you a nice image of a cat -- priceless!


Deacon Jac said...

Morty is certainly in good hands with you and Rebecca, with both of you being very familiar with the symptoms of renal insufficiency and fluid overload.

Sandra de Helen said...

He's the same age as Asia, a year older than Stanton and Potato. My boy Stanton has gotten thin the past couple of years, but he is doing fine otherwise. All three are happy and healthy at the moment. Knock wood. I know Morty is a happy boy and he is in the best hands.

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