Friday, May 20, 2005

Help Arnold flame out

Nursing students know what it takes to defend their vocation

Today the San Francisco Chronicle has a great story headlined: "Governor's star power not what it once was; Schwarzenegger seen as a politician with problems."

Next week, you have a chance to join either of two labor-sponsored rallies against the Governator. Nurses, teachers and firefighters will lead the rallies along with patients, consumers, union members and working families.

Wednesday, May 25: Sacramento, the State Capitol, West Steps - 10th St. between L St. & N St. at 4 pm or

Wednesday, May 25: Los Angeles, Pershing Square, 530 South Olive Street / West Fifth St at 4pm

For more information, download flyers at California Nurses Association.

Arnold is slipping. This guy ought to know:
Veteran Republican strategist Ed Rollins: "The star has diminished, at least from 3,000 miles away.'' … "The national political players are not sure where he is -- and aren't sure he won't say, 'Great, I tried it, and I'm going back to making movies.'"

Where once Schwarzenegger passed as a new type of state leader, his constant, record breaking fundraising from his business cronies, especially the pharmaceutical industry, shows him as just another corrupt politician. Democratic consultant Gary South reminds Californians: "a governor who decries 'special interests' while picking up mountains of cash is open to effective attack." We saw that with Gray Davis.

In the next few weeks, the governor must fish or cut bait. Will he call a $70 million special election and refuse to work with the Democratic-controlled legislature? The notion of the special November vote, and its huge price tag, is very unpopular. His initiative proposals (out of season redistricting, making it harder for teachers to get tenure, anti-union political rules, etc.) have not caught fire.

The California Teachers Association, one of Arnold's targets, is clear:
"We don't need to waste $70 million on a special election that no one wants with initiatives that no one supports."

I'll be at the Sacramento rally. I'm spending a couple of weeks helping folks get there. Let's show Arnold up for the one-trick pony he is: all shine, no substance. If you can, come out on May 25 to say "California is not for sale!"

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