Tuesday, May 17, 2005

IDAHO time


No, this is not about potatoes. Today was the International Day against Homophobia, marked by people in thirty countries around the world, including much of Europe, as well as less likely places like Kenya, Kyrgyzstan and Lebanon.

Or maybe it is just my ignorance that makes me think they are unlikely.

Organizers explain: "according to an opinion widely held, homosexuality is said to be freer today than ever before... For the slightly more attentive observer, the situation is globally very different. This is why we propose an International Day Against Homophobia."

For someone who grew up never imagining that being queer would be accepted anywhere, this is pretty stunning. And of course, being in the USA, I also grew up thinking that if anything good happened, it would be here first. Lots to get over, I guess.

Check this celebration out.

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