Monday, July 04, 2005

Shivering for Life

13 24

To celebrate our summer holiday, we vicariously visited Antarctica this afternoon via The March of the Penguins, a critterpic narrated by Morgan Freeman. Though the scenery was gorgeous and the tale of the penguin life cycle appealing, this needed an editor. It could have been at least half an hour shorter. And I did wonder at times whether I was seeing a disguised commercial for the Promise Keepers or Focus on the Family as Freeman extolled the faithful self-sacrifice of the penguin fathers. Still, worth seeing, and not a bad choice for what was probably my one movie in a theater this year.

UPDATE -- 9/13/05: Indeed, apparently conservatives also think this film promotes their picture of reality. See here.

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I had to laugh...especially given the controversy over penguins these last few years.