Friday, October 07, 2005

I hate the Blue Angels

Every fall they come; every fall the US Air Force buzzes San Francisco in conjunction with Fleet Week. What crap! No city should be subjected to stunt pilots flying low over populated areas to demonstrate their cajones and prove US power to say "fuck you" to the world.

It is not like the damn things don't fall down. In October, 1998 two of the planes crashed into Georgia woodlands -- how many would have died if that had been a neighborhood in San Francisco? Previously, two planes collided during one of these shows over Niagara Falls; one pilot died.

Why does the Navy do these displays? In its own words, the Navy declares:

The mission of the Blue Angels is to enhance Navy recruiting, and credibly represent Navy and Marine Corps aviation to the United States and its Armed Forces to America and other countries as international ambassadors of good will.

The Blue Angels are a recruiting gimmick -- and in the eyes of anyone who questions the US, a very public threat.

Though someone must have invited them, a lot of San Franciscans could do without the Blue Angels. The Chronicle interviewed the downtown lunchtime crowd subjected to practice runs yesterday.

"They're the products of the devil,'' said street artist Ulysses Dickerson, who was trying to sell his $25 paintings of angels and nymphs. "They're overlords. They're invaders. But there's always something happening in San Francisco. One week it's anti-Bush rallies, the next week it's the military saying, 'Look what we can do.' "…

"At first it seems kind of cool,'' said Christina Wolf, munching on a chicken salad. "But then it reminds you of what Iraqi citizens experience every day. But over there it's real. So I guess it's a mixed message.''

At a moment when even President Nincompoop is calling for fuel conservation, each F/A-18 uses approximately 8,000 pounds or 1,300 gallons of JP-5 jet fuel in a show.

Aren't there any local authorities that can interrupt this nonsense?


Anonymous said...

So glad I found your site, and a sympathetic soul. I call them "the fucking Blue Angels" and hate every minute of their visit. I am in the process of writing emails to Gavin Newsom and my supervisor. I know they will probably go unnoticed, but I had to get this off my chest!!!! (PS -Try getting your infant to nap during Fleet Week!).

Anonymous said...

I can understand that you may not appreciate the military, your government or the 500 million dollars that the military and the Blue Angels bring into the San Francisco community every year as a result of the Fleet Week procession, but I do ask this, what would life be like with out an extra half a billion dollars floating around in your beloved community every single year? I understand that for one week out of every year your community is inconvenienced by the military and their "recruiting tactics," but also realize that a lot of businesses rely on the guaranteed income that comes from this show. If you would like to respond to this, you can reach me at And please remember, the Blue Angels are only in town for one day.

schoolsnotbombs said...

Hahahahah...oh dear, I dare say the SF economy would survive JUST FINE without the Blue Angels. See, other than our regular economy, lot's of people come here cause we're a tourist city. True the Blue Angels bring a lot of boneheads out--but we could get that any wknd. Why can't the "Angels" buzz like, Mt. View instead? Anyway, it's hard to appreciate them when no money goes to public schools in our city. The techno aspect of the Blue Angels is impressive...but I also think about how citizens in other cities feel when these very planes are bring warfare to them. Effing hate them!!! Not alone in it either.

Anonymous said...

you're an idiot.

I just moved to SF from Texas - the ultra left libs like yourself are just about as nuts as the bible belt, ultra-right, war-mongering Baptists.

What ever happened to "enjoy life" and quit whining about everything? I swear, this city has more whine than France has produced in the past 1000 years.

It's an airshow in one of the most beautiful locations in the country. Big deal - get over it. Get out of town for the weekend. I didn't want to deal with Gay Pride nuts, so I left town. It wasn't hard. If you need information on how to leave town for the weekend, then let me know. I'm happy to help.

I also love the complaints I hear about the "noise" they cause. Hilarious. The garbage truck makes more noise every single morning at 5am than they have all day. Then the recycling truck comes by and makes even more nosie at 6am.

Not to mention the extremely loud motorcycles zooming up and down the hills. No, those aren't noisy....

schoolsnotbombs said...

...Uh, anon, you may find you have a real HARD time adjusting to life here. You're not in Texas anymore. Thanks for calling me an idiot, real hospitable. Anyway, I think you'll find your alone in your views. Wish you luck.

Mike in Texas said...

Wow, quit holding back and let us know how you really feel. First, I absolutely love visiting San Francisco. I've lived in Sunnyvale and Alameda, but had great times in the city.

I can appreciate the views that do not like the Blue Angels coming to town, especially the inherent dangers that come with 6 aircraft flying less than 3-feet apart at over 300 MPH. The pilots of those aircraft are simply the best of the best, although that still does not reduce the risks.

San Francisco would certainly survive without the ecomonic boost brought forth during Fleet Week. It is probably one of the most diverse and culture-oriented cities in all of our country, which is why it is also a very popular tourist destination.

Back to the Blue Angels...yes, their primary mission is to enhance Navy and Marine Corps recruiting efforts. Another major objective is to demonstrate exactly what those pilots are doing in harms way.

....okay, probably struck a nerve with many, me too in many aspects. Whether we agree on the war or not; whether we like Bush or Clinton; whether we're considered "left" or "right" -- none of that really matters. The volunteers in the military do deserve our respect for their sacrifices and courage. They certainly don't do it for the money. And there's not much glamore in it either. For some it's just a normal job. All I ask is that we try to agree on that principle - that we don't hate the volunteers.

The Blue Angels really enjoy coming to San Francisco and spending 4-5 days getting to see the great city that San Francisco is known to be. It is probably one of the more popular cities for them to perform, also in a close race with their Seattle show.

In closing, and in my opinion, there is a time and place to afford change. With the overall opinion in the military, that time is on election day. Take advantage of the power we have to choose who controls the direction of the military and foreign policy. There is also a time and place to change local community events. Using this forum will not really make a difference, although it may make some feel better having a place to vent in private.

Take that opinion and get involved in your community! Make a difference.

And for the record.....I consider myself a Republican, but I am very disappointed in our current foreign policy. I don't care if someone is white, black, yellow, brown, straight, metro, gay, bi, liberal, or even baptist. I respect everyone's opinion and would only ask that my opinion is respected too. We don't have to agree on that, but don't let disagreement lead to hate.

Oh, and no I'm not a minister either. I'm a former military officer who was fortunate enough to spend 3 years with the Blue Angels and enjoyed all 3 years that we came to San Francisco!

If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you can read this in your native language in the United States - thank a military volunteer. The United States is a great melting pot of many cultures and opinions. The military volunteers are from all of these cultures and opinions - let's give them a pat on the back. They don't set policy -- they just enforce what our elected leaders say is policy. Don't like the policy??? Don't blame the military - blame yourself for not getting out and voting!

(and I'm not a poll worker or politician)

Jackie Harris said...

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you! I live in Seattle and I HATE the fucking blue angels. Every year they "practice" their shows all freaking week right over my office, they shut down traffic throughout the city, the whole thing is bullshit. Seriously, we can't find better things to do with the money-like put it toward the infrastructure or something? Come on, we're facing a record breaking national debt, the last thing we need to do is piss away money to the military for "recruiting" (read: public wanking) I am so glad I found this site. :-D

Anonymous said...

I propose that we deport Mr. Anonymous back to Texas like all of the illegal aliens that they snatch on the border. I hate the Fucking Blue Angels also and find it an invasion of my; privacy!

lv4921391 said...

nothing like a former something or another doing time then bitchin about up you simpleton...quit or don't take the fester during it and spew out venom afterword is a cowards way...Now who will you hate ? BHO? you're a onion ! why an onion you ask ? because you stink.

Anonymous said...

"I hate the Fucking Blue Angels also and find it an invasion of my; privacy!"

You are an Idiot.

Anonymous said...

They should wipe S.F. off the map with a friggin nuke along with west hollywood and all the other places the freaks of the world live at.

Anonymous said...

Thousands and thousands of people earn a living from the shows that are put on annually by the military and other airshow venues so why would you want them to lose their ability to earn an income. For all you cry babies out there lets take away the industry that allows you to earn a living and then maybe you would think before you speak. We have plenty of dumb asses in the U.S. and you unfortunately are included.

Anonymous said...

I'm no idiot and "understand" others' "pro" comments but plainly, simply don't care about those views, facts, etc. Period. I simply LOATHE the anxiety they invoke for me. Cringe at the noise. ALWAYS cringed while living on one of the tall SF hills when they almost appeared eye-level to my living room window as they practiced all week (though I know they weren't). The thought of one of them losing control & careening into a tightly packed neighborhood where 3-story houses are literally connected to each neighbor's house & stacked shallowly up the hills (many are multi-family) made me want to pack-up & head out for Fleet Week. I have tried to psyche myself out of the fear to no avail. Still in the SF Bay Area, I avoid coming CLOSER to the ugliness during this time. Also hate the random, sudden appearance of the same LOUD planes over sports events like Giants, 49ers, A's, Raiders. Neighborhood pets freak out, children cry, items vibrate off shelves, etc. I refer to them as "The Blue DEVILS". Ugh. *quivering now*

Anonymous said...

I hate the Blue Angels! Let them go to Hayward or Concord. San Francisco does not need the money that comes into the city from this freak show, instead, our country would benefit if we cut our military budgets to a defense force and closed all of the bases around the world and used that money for education, jobs and social programs. Japan and Germany are thriving because they do not have military budgets draining their treasury. And for those who say this is only one day, try living here - it's a week.

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