Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Grandmothers protest war, part 2

As I was photographing the protest in part 1, I realized that the event presented an extraordinary opportunity. In general, women "of a certain age" avoid the camera. I know; I am one. But by putting on their own event in their very own style, the grandmothers and friends at the Oakland recruiting station were volunteering to be looked at and captured by the camera.

I think we are beautiful. Here are some of us who were out there today.


Anonymous said...

Wow...a great big thank you from New York City where our group of Grandmothers against the War were inspired by Bay Area women to get it together for Valentine's Day.

We sang, danced and mourned at the Times Square recruiting island. Much media; hope you saw some. Forwarding you some photos.

thanks again, naomi

Anonymous said...

great event! Great photos!
Same-Sex Marriage Demos got most of the press because (I guess) it tied in better with Valentine's Day? Saw a short bit of the Recruiting station action on V-day at 10 pm on channel 2.
"Going to enlist" was a shot heard round the world when the Tucson Raging Grannies did it last August. Next time best do something original for maximum press?
Everyone I talked to had a great time! And I'm sure there was a big hullabaloo in downtown Oakland created. Congrats!


Anonymous said...


Cut and paste link above to your browser For a photo of Raging Grannies at Oakland event.

Granny Ruth R.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, looks like the link I posted got cut off...

Try this.

Go to
and go to San Francisco
page. Photo at top is
of the Oakland event with
SF and East Bay Grans