Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tom Fox found dead in Baghdad

Some truths are too simple to understand. We are not here to make war. "We must love one another or die," as W.H. Auden wrote.

Tom Fox lived. He rests in peace. His life and death are a challenge to the living.

For more of Fox's truth, read his blog or these excerpts. See also Christian Peacemaker Teams, Fox's comrades, who are the source of the photo.

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John Elfrank-Dana said...

Tom Fox was most probably killed by PRO-Occupation agents. That's what seems to be implied on the BBC tonight and what I have thought all along. There is no way anti-occupation forces benefit. Only those willing to frame them and intimidate other effective peace activists would advance their cause by killing him. Stay tuned... the Iraq Interior Ministry will emerge as the object of study. Perhaps it was the CIA's idea? Sound far fetched? Remember El Salvador?

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