Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Save Hazelton, PA from this illegal invader

  • Santa is not an American nor is he legally recognized for residency or occupational purposes in this country. Oblivious to this fact, millions of Americans delight in inviting him into their homes and allowing him to work unsupervised every year. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable to his costume and demeanor.
  • Santa does not work alone, but employs hundreds to thousands of elves in what are clearly described as sweatshop or slave labor-type conditions. This takes jobs away from honest and hard-working Americans who play by the rules.
Appearing unlawfully for too long to remember, Santa Claus has come to represent a range of labor practices that undercut the American workforce in favor of unfair foreign competition or informal domestic laborers. Across America, the economies of small cities like Hazleton have been decimated as a result.

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Anonymous said...

moron blog - you spelled discrimation wrong. nice of you to make fun of a real problem
google latino sex offender and find out how many of those illegal aliens are also idenity theives, rapists etc

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