Monday, December 11, 2006

"Turn back O Man, forswear thy foolish ways"*

Photo from St. John's Episcopal Church

This story isn't getting enough coverage, even though Dan Froomkin mentioned it today.

Apparently President GWB went to church on Sunday, the second Sunday of Advent, and got treated to a proper Advent sermon calling for re-evaluation of all easy assumptions about our lives. At the end of a week dominated for Bush by the Iraq Study Group report, Fr. Luis Leon of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington's Lafayette Square preached "a theology of reversal."

"'Repentance is changing your way, changing your mind, changing your direction,' the Rev. Leon said.

"'It requires the will to change,' he said. 'It requires the courage to acknowledge that you want to change, to change your direction.'"

*Heartfelt post-World War I carnage hymn lyric; musical rendition here.

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