Monday, March 05, 2007

Juxtapositions II

My favorite local tripartite billboard and wall display has undergone a makeover. (Previous incarnation here.)

The Christian evangelicals who I suspect own the building still make their pitch at the top. But they have new, and possibly uncomfortable, company.

I wonder how they feel about their new neighbor, directly below their witness? The Blue Demon (yes, that is his marketing moniker) is a legendary Mexican masked wrestler, Alexander Munoz Moreno.

He began his career in 1948, becoming one of Mexico’s most popular wrestlers. In 1964 he started a successful film career that ran through 1977 and included 25 action, horror and science fiction films.

The Blue Demon’s legacy is now carried on by his stepson, known as Blue Demon Jr., who has become one of the top stars in Mexican wrestling.

The "energy drink" -- that is, legal speed, sugar and fizz -- is a product of Coca Cola, aimed at 20-30 year old men, marketed in English with the slogan "Let your man out..."

Meanwhile, in the bottom panel, the SF Traffic Safety Commission's warns not to run over pedestrians because you'll get caught by motorcycle cops. ??? I suppose someone gets paid to design and place these ads.

Maybe the cops in the bottom frame should be on the lookout for this guy, from Full Throttle's 2006 Super Bowl ad. Follow the link to see these market targets ride.

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