Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Threat Level Orange:
We must all be very afraid

The other day my partner rode the ferry from Wood Hole, Mass. to Martha's Vineyard, with this running along side. She reports:

There were two of them. The one on the port side had the gun, but the one on the other side was unarmed. Guess they thought we were safe in open water. According to the Vineyard Gazette, they're paid for with federal DHS funds. I just laughed, but a serious gentleman said to me, "Actually I find their vigilance reassuring."

Wonder how he felt when they abandoned us about a third of the way across the sound?

Today I took the same boat trip and was a little disappointed not to have the same escort. Maybe the other day some fancy Republican was aboard. Or maybe Alan Dershowitz, torture apologist and excuser of Scooter Libby's obstruction of justice. Dershowitz summers on the Vineyard.

Your tax dollars at work...

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johnieb said...

I know I always feel so much safer in the presence of firearms.

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