Sunday, June 07, 2009

Beware: burned!

Walking down Valencia Street the other day, I noticed a banner hanging above a storefront with papered over windows. Here's a close up of the sign:

Uh oh. Somebody is really mad at their insurance company.

I recognized the location as where the popular restaurant Limon used to be. It wasn't hard to find this item in the San Francisco Chronicle archives:

We've been wondering what's going on with Limon (524 Valencia St.), the groundbreaking Mission District Peruvian restaurant that has been closed for nearly a year due to a fire. Turns out the delay is due to a story we've heard before - struggles with the insurance company. It sounds like chef-owner Martin Castillo is just about at his wit's end, although he told Scoop he hopes to reopen in the next couple of months.

"It's been tough. We haven't received any (insurance payment) money since December," he says.

Looks like Mr. Castillo has decided to burn his insurance company's reputation in his 'hood.

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