Monday, December 07, 2009

For my Episcopalian friends ...

This afternoon I had a truly traumatic experience. Because I have terrible teeth, I go to the dentist frequently. Fortunately, I have a wonderful, friendly dentist, so the experience is not quite as awful as it might be.

My dentist has a flat screen TV system that looms over you as she drills, scrapes and bloodies your mouth. When she first got it, it was turned to cable news, usually Fox. But she has taken pity on her patients and acquired a set of Discovery Channel environmental videos. Now, blanking out in the chair involves scenery and animals.

This afternoon was going fine -- I was even slightly distracted by scenes of lions on the Tanzanian plain. And then, and then, something awful came on screen, a familiar pair of bushy, pointed eyebrows.

Can't we please escape from this burdensome Archbishop? Apparently not.

The film is Planet Earth: The Future, Environment & Conservation. I'm sure the good Archbishop of Canterbury had meaningful things to say, but right now I really didn't want to see his familiar mug.

(If any of my non-Episcopalian friends want to figure out what this is about, I recommend Sapphic Suffragan Shutdown.)

1 comment:

Kay Dennison said...

And a darlin' lad he is -- NOT!!!!

You have a good reason for your dismay. And in the dentist's chair to boot!

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