Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Off for now

As of noon today, I'll be completely off the grid, away from email, phones and all the paraphernalia of my daily life. For the next two weeks, we are off to trek in Patagonia amid more light, mountains, fjords, maybe some of the guanacos pictured above, and even perhaps some sun. I'm sure there will be internet cafes, but I'll be staying away.

While we are gone, the Democrats will or will not pass their convoluted health care reform out of the Senate. U.S. spooks will or will not try to kill Taliban leader Mullah Omar in the Pakistani city of Quetta (a place the size of San Francisco) as they are threatening. The Copenhagen conference will or will not make progress toward averting catastrophic, anthropogenic climate change. And I'll blog about those things when I get back.

And I've already posted for all the days I'll be away. Never fear, there'll be content here. (Maybe I'm nuts!)

Meanwhile, my partner and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary together and the birth of the child whose meaning is Love.

Backson, in the immortal phrase from Winnie the Pooh.


sfmike said...

Patagonia? Wow. Vaya con dios.

Darlene said...

Have a safe and enjoyable two weeks.

You are brave to have posts ready to publish while you are gone. When I leave next Tuesday for ten days my blog will be idle.

Shelley said...

Have a marvelous trip!! Am totally jealous.

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