Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Make a road where there is no road

Partners in Health was working in Haiti long before there was an earthquake. And Partners in Health will be there long after the TV cameras leave. PiH employs 11000 mostly local workers around the world, in 4000 in Haiti.

Poor people around the world, including this country, need access to health care that is well within the capacity of medical knowledge. The obstacles to provision of health care, around the world as well as in our own country, are social, not technical. We can work for health care for all here; we can help others work for health care for all in their own countries. It's called solidarity, an old fashioned virtue.

Video [2:30] from Boston Globe.


Ronni Bennett said...

Beautiful, Jan. It is astonishing what people can do if they just try a little.

Unknown said...

About political imbecility: shouldn’t it be rather called political blindness?
For example, the reason for the hatred towards America in both the Arab and Muslim worlds is strongly linked to the US policy towards Israel. The US government and US activists and analysts seem to ignore this fact while it is the main reason behind the terrorist attacks against America, thus the main reason for the Empire Wars and their cost. This is not political imbecility but political blindness.