Friday, February 18, 2011

Bay Area Congresswoman schools Republicans on abortion

Unlike these guys who want to prevent women from controlling whether we raise kids, Jackie Speier knows about abortion. She's had the procedure they seek to demonize. "I lost a baby."

There's more going on here than just the forced pregnancy crowd trying to stop abortions. They aim to prevent women from getting contraception counseling as well by stopping all support to Planned Parenthood. Yeah -- more babies for families who can't afford kids and who will lose all other government help if the Republicans have their way. Misery for poor people is so inspiring.

Just now the House passed the forced pregnancy amendment to the budget bill. Will President Obama sign this thing?


Kay Dennison said...

What a courageous woman!!!! (standing ovation) I applaud her speaking out so eloquently. Our local Planned Parenthood does not provide abortions. It does provide abortion counseling and I've seen the literature and it simply presents abortion in a fair, unbiased way. It also provides counseling for birth control and reasonable healthcare for women who otherwise couldn't afford it.

I might add that I'm a Catholic who doesn't believe in abortion but I also believe that the only conscience I can form (and am responsible for) is my own.

janinsanfran said...

Hi Kay -- Actually, I can imagine I might have qualms about having an abortion myself (fortunately I'm long past that and never faced the question), but I get furious when people who can't get pregnant dictate to women who will almost certainly have to do most of the child rearing if forced to give birth.

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