Sunday, February 20, 2011

Worlds meet in work of San Francisco artist

A book showcasing my friend Lenore Chinn's paintings was introduced at a small gallery party last night while the Chinese New Year's Parade outside was receiving its annual drenching in winter showers. I hope the publication leads to more awareness of Lenore's extraordinary body of photorealist art.

On large canvasses, Lenore shows us her world and its people. Online gallery here. Go look, now. Then come back.

Lenore's is a big world: a place where gay men, Chinese families, lesbian leftists, families of all colors of the rainbow, and manual workers mingle. She was born and raised in San Francisco; this shows. But merely naming this confluence of worlds can be a sterile, mechanical exercise. Not for Lenore. Somehow her portraits are a warm as they can be challenging to the limits of what we expect to see.

Cultural Confluences: the Art of Lenore Chinn is available from the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center.

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