Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rally to protest violence against transgender woman

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Some of us gay folks who immigrated to San Francisco to enjoy the city's fabled tolerance have made a pretty good life here. We can forget that gender non-conforming people who are newcomers, who are poor, who are young, who are often black or brown, are still vulnerable to random violence, just for being themselves.

A young transgender woman who was beaten up in the BART plaza at 16th and Mission a couple of weeks ago plaintively told KTVU news:

"I'm from a small town. I came to San Francisco hoping there would be more safety than I found," Mia said.

The assault on Mia was witnessed by an AIDS outreach worker. According to the TV report, this witness reported that one of the men who punched Mia said "Oh, I hate men dressed up as women." The assailants were arrested and a hate crime enhancement added to the charges.

Tonight members of the transgender and gay communities were joined by people from many area service agencies in a rally against violence in the 16th Street plaza.
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We listened to speeches.

And chanted vigorously.

Sometimes what matters most is to be with family -- and to find out how very large family can be, when we make it.
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Darlene said...

Discrimination should have ended years ago in this 'so-called- enlightened age. Only education will stamp out intolerance.

Violence shows ignorance and must be stopped wherever it rears its ugly head. I am glad the perpetrators are being charged with a hate crime.

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