Monday, October 31, 2011

"Let's live this life honestly ..."

This is inspiring-- and sweet. Just because gay marriage is legal and much affirmed in New York and Massachusetts doesn't mean the struggle for equal rights under law is over. You can still face arrest for quietly requesting a marriage license in some places.

North Carolina will vote on a constitutional amendment to outlaw same sex marriage in May 2012. Gay marriage is already barred by legislative enactment but opponents -- Republicans mostly -- want to add a ban to the state's fundamental law.

Via The Lead.

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Rain said...

And then we have the personhood law in Mississippi. Which party wants to control the lives of others? It's crazy that they would even remotely call themselves the party of freedom.

Someday I have to think people will look back on this debate over gay marriage and think it was nuts. Adults who are consenting should have a right to do what is in their hearts. It's beyond me to understand why it's even an issue. This isn't about wanting Sodom and Gomorrah but rather ordinary married lives.

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