Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday scenes and scenery: Road rage

I thought this might have serious consequences.

The driver of the red car was threading his way down the street and apparently brushed too close to the cyclist. When I first saw them, the bicycle guy was riding alongside the red car, screaming into the window: "I've got a right to the lane too."

I couldn't hear what the driver said in return, except that he seemed angry.

The cyclist threw down his bike where you see it here; the driver got out of his car. They stepped toward each other.

They yelled at each other -- then quite suddenly they seemed to become aware of the spectacle they were making and stepped back.

All this happened in the middle of a street where parents were dropping off children outside Horace Mann Middle School. Traffic becomes snarled here morning and evening as vehicles and pedestrians compete for terrain. It's a mess. Because of declining school funding, the district is doing away with school buses, so we can only expect this situation to get worse.

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