Friday, December 02, 2011

Friday cat blogging: Frisker is no longer with us

frisker in old age-10:11.jpg
In the morning, after I stepped over her, I'd say "You are a good cat."

She'd say something that I interpreted as "the service is awful slow around here. Can't you learn I need my food set out by this time?"

We had that kind of relationship. She seemed never confident that she'd gotten me properly trained.

In the last few years, she became willing to share her body heat a little, to allow a little fur patting (but never brushing), to sit on a lap if you occupied just the right chair and held your legs at just the proper angle.

Last May a vet said she had a week to live. Out of sheer orneriness she slogged on for nearly six months. But when she could no longer walk and stopped eating, it was her time to go.

She worked to teach me that it is a privilege to offer hospitality to a cat, to an animal never quite domesticated, however apparently dependent. I hope she felt I'd begun to get it.
Frisker at the end.jpg


Betty Johanna said...

I'm so sorry. A corner of your house will never be the same.

Ronni Gilboa said...

It's clear that you have passed human training. Ronni, who is trained to open cans, buy food and litter,become furniture for all cats and pay for those spa (vet) visits

mary said...

My beloved Abby has renal failure. Other than getting very thin, she is her usual nosy self. But I will not let her suffer either. Her brother Simon will be so lonely. There is nothing like a few cats for a cozy home.

Sarah Lawton said...

I'm sorry, Jan.

I like what you wrote about hosting an animal who is both dependent and never quite domesticated.

My cat Shasta is almost 19 years old. Quality of life still seems good thanks to a good diet and medication for her hyperthyroid issues. I know the day will come, though, and I will miss her.

sfmike said...

The death of a beloved cat is too painful to even think about. Good luck with your loss and separation.

And if and when you do ever hang with another cat, consider an orange tabby. I'm living with the first one of my life and he's a complete kick.

Ronni Bennett said...

Oh, Jan, I saw this finally just now. I am so sorry. No mere words can fill such a hole in your life. Hold the memories of Frisker dear and close.

Sandra de Helen said...

Oh crap. I didn't see this until now. Jan, I'm so sorry for your loss. So glad you got to spend enough time with Frisker to get properly trained. On your next feline companion, try a comb. Most cats prefer combs over brushes, truth be told. Stanton sends his love.

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