Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday cat blogging: in which an unexpected visitor moves in

It began last Tuesday morning, as I began to gather up my things to go to work. I had the sense of a presence at my feet. Odd that -- our last, much loved, cat had left this world in November -- was this a ghost?

1cat in house!.jpg
It was not. She wandered about, marking the doors and furniture, as if she owned the place. We had never seen her before. We think she'd slipped in when I brought in laundry.

2fixed stare!.jpg
Not wishing to be inhospitable, we accepted her right to be with us, though we were concerned that her regular humans might miss her. We put up flyers around the neighborhood. For two days, no one called.

3settled in on petitions close!.jpg
She showed herself a discerning feline. Like Turtle (pictured at the link), she took to sleeping on my SAFE California Act petitions. Apparently cats want to end death sentences by ballot initiative -- or just like all the paper the campaign generates.

On Thursday, we had our visitor checked for an implanted microchip and learned that her people had filed a "Lost Cat" report. We took her home, sad to see her go. Her name is Pune and she's a well traveled beast, having previously lived in India, Namibia and Germany. We enjoyed her visit.


Rain said...

She is a gorgeous cat with those markings and what a serene personality.

mary said...

She looks like my tortoise shell, Abby.Unfortunately, Abby is in renal failure so we are babying her as long as possible.

Kay Dennison said...

What a pretty girl she is!!! Sounds like it's time for adoption!!!!

sfmike said...

Well, if ever there was an animal-centric omen, that is it. What her meaning might be is for you to figure out, but what a great story and pics.

Darlene said...

Perhaps Pune was ready for a new place to live having traveled so extensively in the past. She certainly knew how to make herself at home.

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