Thursday, January 05, 2012

Republican clown show

This is a political blog. Therefore I'm supposed to have an opinion about the Republican clown show just concluded in Iowa. Here's all I can manage: the clown show must eventually end in the nomination of Mitt Romney, even though no one but Mitt Romney really wants Mitt Romney. Its hard to even muster a serious opinion about people and a process so utterly without responsible content.

On the horse race level, Romney's "victory" with no more votes than he recieved in 2008 which seems properly considered a humiliation. I mean, the guy has been running for President for over 4 years and he can't do any better?

But dammit, I'm not interested in the horserace; I'm interested in the future of my country and the world. And these people are clowns at their best. At their worst, they are self-seeking liars, bigots, and proud ignoramuses. Among the Republicans, the only semi-plausible candidate is a

dishonest flip-flopper who only discovered his right-wing beliefs when pollsters told him it would advance his ambitions.

Steve Benen

This is what a political party becomes when it collects all the people who hate government (and sometimes others and even each other.) No wonder the nitwits who seek to lead it into battle don't seem remotely plausible candidates to lead the nation.

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