Monday, February 13, 2012

Rays of Effing Sunshine: Rice Broker -- try it while you can

We ate out over the weekend -- a rare event -- and seized an opportunity that won't last forever.

The tiny restaurant space currently housing the Rice Broker at 1058 Valencia Street used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken. Then it moved up in the world, becoming Spork, a pleasant neighborhood mid-price eatery that served a delicious "Inside Out Burger." That restaurant lost its lease in December as the owner plans to tear down the grungy little building and replace it with condos.


But one of the previous restauranteurs has reopened temporarily as Rice Broker, serving a very limited menu in rudimentary circumstances (you order at the cash register and are asked to bus your own dishes).

I didn't expect much, but the "Pork and Ginger Meatball" rice bowl was simply delicious.

This imported beer in a can wasn't bad either.


Rice Broker may be history any day, but meanwhile, it's a nice surprise.

I don't want to just gripe here all the time. I do after all, quite frequently, encounter things and people that delight me. Hence this feature: occasional posts labeled "rays of effing sunshine."

1 comment:

pamela said...

hey guy! I tried this place myself!! Im hooked on dem balls!....BTW FYI OMG OBGYN they have sake now too. thanks for the ray of effing sunshine tip.

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