Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday scenes and scenery: the fallen

I find these very upsetting to encounter as I wander about town. If I were a writer of fiction, I'd make up stories about them.

fallen cycle copy.JPG
Bicycle down. Still intact as far as I can see, but how long will it remain that way?

fallen scooter.JPG
This is more serious. As an urban driver who must part in small spots, I approach pulling into a space next to a scooter with terror. Just a nudge could knock the thing over. Perhaps that happened here.

fallen cycle.JPG
This one was a bigger target -- could foul play have been involved?

fallen soldier.jpg
This looks like a classic story line. Megaton monster meets slight object, apparently glued, not embedded, in concrete. But why hasn't someone moved it away from the curb or even walked off with it? I didn't do anything either.

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tina said...

I had started by just seeing the title of your Saturday post and I thought about fallen people you encountered in the streets, and was preparing myself for gloomy information. So when i saw the pictures I laughed.

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