Saturday, September 29, 2012

T-shirts speak

Drowning in presidential polls? Here's another way of looking at this endless election. Since last January I've been capturing snap shots of this graphic from Cafe Press, showing the distribution of T-shirt orders among the candidates.

1-Jan-28.jpg 2-Feb-25.jpg
Obama looked strong in January, as did Ron Paul among the Republicans. In February, Obama had moved up a bit, while Mitt Romney had sunk deeper among the also-rans.

3-June-23.jpg 4-August-25.jpg
By June, Romney had won the nomination, but that wasn't doing much for him in t-shirt race. He did finally get a bump however before his nominating convention.

5-sept-11.jpg 6-sept22.jpg
Unhappily for the challenger, the President's Party convention rapidly erased that lead. Today, Obama's t-shirt standing is close to identical to his standing in the more orthodox, and predictive, opinion polls.

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Classof65 said...

Then why is Romney still at the top of the T-Shirt?

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