Monday, January 21, 2013

Blog holiday and announcement

I'm taking a blog day-off today. I'll probably catch some coverage of the inauguration: whatever beefs I have with the Obama administration (and there are and will be many), the alternative would have been much worse!

Meanwhile I'll announce my new project. I've begun to walk all 596 election precincts in San Francisco while toting my camera. So far, each small area takes about two hours to cover. I seem to shoot about 40 pictures from which I intend to select one or two photos and post at 596 Precincts. Some December 2012 entries are already up.

This isn't an obsession; it's recreation. So posts will go up as I get around to it. Covering all the city's districts could take me the better part of ten years. If the idea happens to intrigue you, I recommend following by email through the link on the blog page, as posts will be sporadic.

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