Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday critter blogging: a bevy of Kauai birds

Nene in puddle.jpg
This goose, a Nene, is Hawaii's state bird. In the 1950s, the population of this indigenous fowl was down to about 50; protective efforts are enabling a comeback. They don't migrate and are nowhere near as frightened as they should be of autos and humans.

red crested cardinal w sand.jpg
The red crested cardinal seems common.

As does the signature bird of the island: the chicken. Apparently some Polynesian chickens bred with some European chickens and the rest is history. They are everywhere, announced by the roosters' cries.

white tailed tropicbird.jpg
This white-tailed tropicbird nests on the cliffs at the Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge.

Laysan Albatross-kilauea wildlife refuge.jpg
A colony of Laysan Albatross inhabit the refuge. The link is worth exploring; apparently some of these large birds form female pairs that find ways to breed young.

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