Thursday, June 06, 2013

Unblocking our blessings

Charles Blow reports an interview with Sybrina Fulton on the eve of George Zimmerman's trial for shooting her son, Trayvon Martin.

I asked if there are any circumstances under which she could forgive Zimmerman. She answers quickly: “Yes.”

She continued:

“The spiritual side of me knows that eventually I will have to forgive him so that I don’t block my blessings. I know that. Am I ready to do that now? I am not. That’s something I pray for, I pray for my forgiveness. Because just like I want God to forgive me, I want to forgive others. But, I’m just not at that point right now where I can say that I want to forgive him.”

Ms. Fulton is a wise woman; I doubt if, having to walk in her shoes, I'd attain that kind of equilibrium. I trust forgiveness will come to her.

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