Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Just maybe, we're not going to make war in Syria

let's hope not. And work to make it so. Antiwar activists turned out last night in San Francisco outside the Federal Building that houses Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi's office.

Some have memories.

A very few folks from the other side of the debate co-existed peacefully.

This protester was right in tune with public opinion on US action in the Syrian civil war. Let's make our politicians take notice of that opinion.

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Rain Trueax said...

I heard the other side on Chris Hayes last night also. They want us to come in there and change the dynamics. It's what a lot of righties want. War is so profitable. The thing is you never know who you are actually helping as was the case with Afghanistan, Russia and bin Laden. I think most Americans recognize that and want the country to say no. We will get blamed if it goes wrong no matter who we helped-- and we cannot guarantee good guys win in countries where we often have helped the wrong side in the past.

Those who are so eager to beat the war drums don't expect to go and most don't expect it to be their sons or grandsons. I heard an ex vet say the following and I liked it as he was in Vietnam-- 'You first, Braveheart,' The ones most promoting war with a few exceptions never went themselves.

This suggestion of getting rid of chemical weapons seems smart even if the other side of this civil war wins, as those are then out of the future equation (assuming they don't get them from arms merchants and resupply which means the world needs to look at that. It was a good thing with Libya that Gaddafi had earlier agreed to dismantle their nuclear weapons when that civil war started.

I just hope this really works. That's of course, where the rubber hits the road

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