Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A candidate with a delightful ad

If I lived in Providence, Rhode Island, I'd certainly consider voting for this guy. The combination of humor with nerdy intensity is both politically attractive and kind of cute.

Providence has long been known for wacky politicians. Daily Kos Elections reports that the city's very own Rob Ford-equivalent, Buddy Cianci, is thinking of making a comeback. In 1984, while serving as mayor, Cianci was convicted of assault. Returned to office after that episode, he lost the job again when he went to prison in 2002 for racketeering. At 73, now he is mulling another run as either an independent or a Democrat; he started political life as a Republican.

If the charismatic Cianci ran, he would certainly make things more entertaining here, and he can't be counted out. Cianci seems to have an Edwin Edwards-like appeal to him among many in the city, remaining popular despite (or maybe because of) his battles with the law. (He's also maintained a presence on radio and TV.)

If voters think Cianci is too much of a good thing, they can always go with Brett Smiley whose ad shows he understands that Providence elections thrive on a bit of the light touch.

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