Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who deserves protection? Not apparently living women.

My friend Renee Christine writes in response to the Supreme Court ruling that the Massachusetts buffer zone around women's clinic facilities is unconstitutional.

I'm really disappointed that the Supreme Court has struck down the buffer zones around abortion clinics. I have volunteered outside of clinics and been threatened, yelled at within an inch of my face, and told that I am a race traitor. They have recorded me and the patients entering the clinic in an attempt to threaten us.

The abortion clinic I went to for my procedure had a BOMBPROOF door. Think about that. A bombproof door for healthcare. The reason we have these laws is because doctors, nurses, and police officers were shot and killed by clinic protesters before we had them. No one should be harassed outside of their healthcare facility, no matter what kind of procedure it is.

No matter how we personally feel about abortion, someone shouldn't be harassed into a crying fit before going in. Someone shouldn't feel so threatened that I have to escort them in through the backdoor out of the protesters' view. You have the right to free speech and dissent from the government, not to shout obscenities, slurs, and hateful remarks at your fellow neighbors.

Not to mention, the Supreme Court has a buffer zone around it.

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Rain Trueax said...

It was upsetting but will get worse if Republicans take the Senate :( Too many states have already made abortion almost impossible due to regulations that will prevent most clinics from operating and that being their only purpose. November matters. We may be upset about Obama but it can get worse. Too many people have forgotten how it used to be. Rights that have been won can never be taken for granted.

Hattie said...

Just awful. This is a way of getting at women when they are at their most vulnerable. Because what turns a conservative on more than persecuting the helpless?

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