Sunday, August 10, 2014

A President on the island

The Prez and his family are vacationing on Martha's Vineyard island. This year, unlike last year, no roads are closed and the security seems low key.

But that hasn't stopped the local purveyors of tourist paraphernalia from hyping the occasion alongside beach balls and t-shirts.

They let their customers know their hopes for the future as well.

The Clintons too have vacationed here.

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amspirnational said...

So Clinton is actually attacking the moderately hawkish Obama FROM THE MORE HAWKISH RIGHT!

Oh, that's just great. Every GOP contender save possibly and only possibly for Rand Paul who is not even a pale imitation of his antiwar father, is even more hawkish.

All want to provoke Islamic revenge even more than Obama does---by mass interventions in the Middle East in favor of oiligarchs and Zionism. Obama himself is saying the attacks on ISIS will not be short term. Prepare for boots.

The record shows, the more intervention, the more quagmires, the more resistance and the more domestic revenge. NOT stability, NOT protection for any Mideast (witness Christians leaving Iraq) and Palestine) minority except Israeli Jews.
And for the latter only in the short term.

The "terror experts" are on the Sunday talk shows saying we gotta get ISIS before it comes here and gets us.
More loss in blood and treasure and the only thing which will end it is imperial overstretch and Collapse, not Hillary, not even the hawkish Warren.

But they will be sure to make the
genders more equal in capitalistic culpability for the bloodletting.

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