Friday, August 01, 2014

Two charts that tell me what I need to know about Gaza war

If you landed on earth from another planet this week, knowing nothing other than the most common use of the word “terrorism,” which side do you think would most frequently be referred to as “terrorists”?

Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

That was a couple of days ago. The toll is higher now.

See also Actions in Response to Gaza.


Hattie said...

What worries me now is that this may be an extermination campaign. The Palestinians have been tortured for years, but now they show signs of being able to fight back effectively. This has thrown Israelis into a paranoid tizzy and they have gone crazy.

amspirnational said...

There has been only one kind of ethnic supremacism....racism...officially sanctioned, funded, even mystified by the United States government the past few decades, and I'll bet the Klan is jealous.

tina from Beirut said...

In 1982, and after only two weeks, the Israelis had killed 19,000 Lebanese, Palestinian and Syrian and injured 40,000. All with the support of the USA (practically no demonstration from the citizens) and with weapons paid for by US taxpayers. Same as it is happening today in Gaza. Anti-Arab racism was and still is alive in the US. In 1982, I was in the Bay Area and I witnessed how silent were the good people, I am glad to be in Beirut now. And in 2006, did the US citizens move a finger for us who were under heavy bombardment with more than 1 million people having run away from the South? nope. And it was ok, we won and we had kicked out the Israelis in 2000 without any help from the good people of the USA. And when the Palestinians will win, it will happen also without the help of the US citizens. Now, when/if a US citizen signs a petition it is good for her/his conscience, that’s all.

tina from Beirut said...

(and in parentheses is anything being said/done about the Christians kicked out of Mossoul? Aren't the US citizens responsible for their plight? What are the Christians in the US doing/saying about it? In Lebanon we talk about Gaza and Mossul)

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